Flotation Impellersand Diffuse

Flotation Impellers and Diffusers

Time:2018-06-19  Author: Administrator

The Flotation Impellers and Diffusers produced by our company are mainly as follows:

one is Metso RCS series ( RCS0.8-300 ), manufactured exclusively for Metso;

The other is the BGRIMM KYF, XCF series ( KYF, XCF2-320 Cubic meters ), manufactured for and sold to the domestic end customers, and not cooperation with BGRIMM Technology Group.

According to the needs, the diffuser can be made into separate parts for easy installation.

The impeller and diffuser has high wear, impact, tear resistance and chemical stability, especially used for the separation of copper and molybdenum in non-ferrous mines and has Long life time in the situation of strong acids or strong alkalis (PH13-14) and the temperature is above 80 degrees.

At the moment, the impeller and diffuser has achieved very good results in various large-scale mines.


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