Poly-Met(Steel + Rubber)Liner

Poly-Met (Steel+ Rubber) Liner Series

Time:2018-06-19  Author: Administrator

Kelleburg has researched and developed this new Poly-Met liners with Germany Kraiburg due to the difficulty in dis-assembly and assembly large SAG mill metal liners; leakage of slurry and excessive grinding of mills caused by intermittent cracking of liners, and insufficient pre-tightening force of large liner bolts. 

  The Poly-Met liner is mainly used in overflow grinding mills, grate mills, head chamber of multi-chamber mills, large semi-autogenous mills and rod mills etc. This liner can effectively solve the problems of low liners service life, large ball consumption,and difficult installation caused by steel ball with large diameter and large feeding conditions in the primary coarse grinding stage.

  The Poly-Met liner includes Poly-Met shell plates and lifter bars; feed and discharge head end plates, lifter bars, pulp lifters and grate plates, The Poly-Met liner is made of highly wear-resistant rubber and alloyed steel such as the highly wear Sweden HARDOX steel plate under high temperature and pressure.  


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